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Thoughts on Dementia_ in Poetry – Norrms –http://www.communitycare.co.uk/carespace/blogs/norrms/archive/2012/08/25/thoughts-on-dementia-in-poetry.aspx 

Oh Dear Sleep !

Oh dear sleep, please come my way,

Pass over me and end my day,

Tormented by my visions past,

Help me slumber, your shadow cast,

Its Lewy Body`s that I fight,

Every second with all my might,

Eyes that see, not always true,

Ears that hear songs so blue,

Laying my head upon my pillow,

O come dear sleep, like a whispering willow,

Take me to a place of hope,

So each day I can cope,

Refresh my mind for tomorrow’s day,

To face whatever comes my way

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx

Changing Times

Changing times, all around,

Walking, stumbling falling down,

Looking Skyward from the ground,

These are Changing times,

Legs like wood, feet like lead,

Horrific images inside my head,

Wishing Lewy Body’s dead,

These are changing times,

Eyes that see but cannot cry,

Depression medicine keep`s them dry,

Frustration forever running high,

These are changing times,

Yet deep inside there is a light,

A light that shines oh so bright,

Telling me to ALWAYS FIGHT!!!!

These are changing times

The change will come one day you`ll see,

Of Lewy body`s we will be free,

And all is well for you and me,


Keep the faith my friends, Love, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx

Failing heart, Failing Mind

Failing heart, failing mind,
Why is life so unkind?
One foot through, deaths own door,
Dear God I am only 54!
Breathing laboured, feeling tired,
Watching children I have sired,
A doctors visit, that knowing look,
Reading them like a book,
I don’t want pity, I want to live,
I have yet, so much to give,
Winters come, summers go,
Chilly Spring and autumns’ glow,
Looking back on what I’ve done,
All with love and so much fun,
Never wanting this to end,
Yet my strength, sometimes bends,
Dementia / heart failure do their best,
Putting my body to the test,
Failing heart and failing mind,
Why is life, so unkind?

When Lewy Body`s

Comes to


When Lewy Body`s comes to call,

He doesn’t knock your door,

He never asks politely,

If he can cross your floor,

He sneaks up right behind you,

As quiet as the night,

Then before you know it,

You are in a fight,

You’re fighting for your life,

Everything you know,

From memories that`s just happened,

To those of long ago,

It cover`s you like a blanket,

From your toes up to your brain,

From the diagnosis day,

You are not the same,

But fight is what we do,

Our Strength so very pure,

We will keep on fighting,

Until they find a cure

Norrms and family (Keep the faith my friends ) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Another Night

Straining to listen at every sound,

In the midst of night, shadows abound,

Memories and people, of times gone by,

Adults laugh, children cry,

Disaster looms around every turn,

Breaking of dawn, is what I yearn,

Lewy Body`s has been to call,

But throughout, I stood tall,

Now I ready myself, for one more fight,

As I face another night

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxx

 Mothers Day
Mother dear, do you remember when,
You looked after me like a clucking hen,
When you wiped my nose, and my bum,
Was there nothing that you would have done?
All through my life, you were always there,
Always loving, full of care,
As I Grew up you would always say,
Why are you, always in my way?
When in my teens, with that knowing look,
You could always read me like a book,
And as I wed, you did say,
Love and laughter every day,
If you quarrel, don’t go to sleep,
Until each other’s arms you do creep,
Then one day as we grew old,
Your story ended, all was told,
So from snotty nose and dirty bum,
Just want to say “I LOVE YOU MUM”

Hiya , i am raising funds for Dementia Awareness Day (all proceeds donated to the Lewy Body`s Society) by way of writing personal poems, everyone is unique about are anbody you like, even yourselves LOL, All i ask is if you would like to put a small donation towards dementia awareess day by way of the link below. This is one i did for a very good friend of mine in the States, Stan. All you have to do is send me a little information IE names, Birthday, types od Job (Iff app) ect and i will see what i can do, thank you so much Norrms and family xxxxxx

This is the poem i did for Stans wife “June”

Just giving page link is

A prayer
For Dementia

Oh dear Lord, hear my prayer,
And show me that you really care,
Trouble is I can’t remember,
All my prayers for you to tender,
Will this matter, on the day,
When we meet, what will you say?
If I didn’t have dementia
I would recall my holy Venture,
If I don’t pray, from time to time,
Remember that my minds not mine,
Please forgive me, as you know,
No matter what, I love you so,

Diagnosed with Dementia 4 years ago

Return to Sender

I know your name, I swear I do,
It’s on the tip of my tongue,
Sorry, what did you say?
I’ve known you for “HOW LONG?”
Your face is so familiar,
But no name comes to mind,
Please can you remind me?
If you`ll be so kind,
God! I hate dementia,
And all that it entails,
I sit here, head in hands
As my memory fails,
Will I ever remember?
How things used to be,
Who you actually are,
And what you mean to me?
I see sorrow on your face,
And tears are in your eyes,
To me you look so sad,
Then I hear your cries,
Please give me a smile,
So I can remember,
Then I will smile too,
And return it to the sender

Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxx
Please Share xxx


I don’t want to die; I just want to live,
I have much to do; I have so much to give,
I sit here and I think, what am I to do?
How to plan my day, how do I get through?
God I hate Dementia!! I get so angry and annoyed,
Because I know, my illness, I just can’t avoid,
Every day when I wake, it is on my mind,
Why is my life sometimes, so cruel and unkind?
I don’t want to DIE, of that I am so sure,
Please, come on you guys, will you find a cure?
Sooner rather than later, I’m sure you understand,
I have much more to do, as I walk this land

Norrms xxxxxxxx
(Just needed to get that off my chest, hope you understand)

A POEM JUST FOR YOUI will write a poem, private, just for you,
For a small donation,
… Please donate to this link,
Is its destination
I will write whatever you want,
About your good times or your sad,
Then you can keep this personal poem,
From this Bolton Lad,
Every penny that we make,
Of this you can be sure,
Will go straight to Lewy Body`s,
And hope we find a cure,
So come on guys, help me out,
So i can use my brain,
Before Dementia comes along,
And turns my sun to rain.Just let me know what you want me to write about, i will write it and if you like it then you can please make a small donation to the link in the poem, whatever you think it`s worth. As you can see by the link every penny will go to the Lewy Body`s society just giving pageBest wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxx


My forgetter’s getting better,
But my rememberer is broke
To you that may seem funny
But, to me, that is no joke!

For when I’m “here” I’m wondering
If I really should be “there”
And, when I try to think it through,
I haven’t got a prayer!

Oft times I walk into a room,
Say “what am I here for?”
I wrack my brain, but all in vain!
A zero, is my score.

At times I put something away
Where it is safe, but, Gee!
The person it is safest from
Is, generally, me!

When shopping I may see someone,
Say “Hi” and have a chat,
Then, when the person walks away
I ask myself, “who was that?”

Yes, my forgetter’s getting better
While my rememberer is broke,
And it’s driving me plumb crazy
And that isn’t any joke.
I wish i could say this is mine but its not, but it is so very good dont you agree? please share, Norrms
Poem written by
Ron (Chippy) Wood


Staring out into space,
Asking God to hear my case,
Trying to think of all things past,
How long will my memory last?
Salty tears running down,
Gently shaking, saddened frown,
These are times you do not see,
At my loneliest, this is me,
Friends and family all around,
Grandchildren play with much abound,
Yet here I sit, feeling so alone,
In my mind I am on my own,
So dear Lord, hear my plea,
Come here and sit next to me,
Fix my memories and my mind
If you would, be so kind,

Norrms xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A Rallying Call

Hang on there when things get tough,
It won’t always be this rough,
Some days are good, some days bad
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
But though all this, we stand tall,
When Dementia comes to call,
Together as one, we will stand,
Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand
Patients, carers, loved ones too,
Doing our best is what we do,
So my friends, may I say,
Tomorrow is another day,
Victory one day will be ours,
So let’s start counting down the hours,
When that day comes we will be there
And show the world we always cared

Norrms xxxxxxxxxxx

This is a poem i wrote and it was read out at Gloucester Cathedral UK on World Alzheimer’s day in September of this year, its is now the name of my new book,

Silent Voice`s http://www.alzinfo.org/08/blogs/book-review-book-silent-voices



Silent voices shouting everywhere

Silent, yet still rising through the air,

Eyes that look but do not see,

Beating heart inside of me,

Forever wanting their life back,

No more wandering this lonely track,

To talk, to laugh, be understood,

To live their lives as they should,

One year there, next year gone,

Like the setting of the sun,

The Dementia Demon comes along,

Takes away your favourite song,

I have all this yet to come,

Vacant stare, body numb,

But to the end and from the start,

Place your hand around my heart,

Feel it beat inside of me,

Look in my eyes and you will see,

Happy scenes without a tear,

And my silent voice you will hear


The Dandelion and me

Please look at me, don’t walk past,

My flower and roots grow so fast,

What you see is just a weed,

A dandelion with lots of seed,

And yet I flower, strong and true,

Standing tall to be with you,

Every time you look around,

Here I am, in the ground,

Yes I`m stubborn, and yet so mellow,

In my lovely coat of yellow,

I know I’m different, to other flowers,

But you know I’ll never cower,

And whatever comes or goes,

I try to keep you on your toes,

Sound familiar this friend of mine?

Coming back, time after time,

We are very similar, you and me,

I hope this poem will make you see,

How the dandelion, and I cope,

Because we know there`s always hope




Aching limbs, tired eyes,

Silently weeping, pitiful cries,

All these things happen at night,

Never in daylight and out of sight,

How I wish my night was day,

Sunshine chasing my nightmares away,

Until then I continue to fight,

All these demons every night,

Just one thing I want to say,

For my Elaine will you please pray?

Every night she puts up with this,

Yet with a warm embrace,

And a gentle kiss,

She brings me round,

And I awake,

Safe in her arms,

No more to take


When people say “You look ok” and don’t look ill to me,
When they say “You’re looking fine” I can`t make them see,
That my mind and memory`s dying, and will never be set free
                                           WHAT AM I TO DO?
On my good days when I walk tall, and everything is fine,
When my thoughts are good and I can walk the line,
Do I pretend that I’m not well, and my life`s not nine?
                                          WHAT AM I TO DO?
Why won’t some accept me as I am, and my illness too?
That comes and goes when it wants, with no effects on you,
Thank goodness it only happens, to a very few, still
                                         WHAT AM I TO DO?
I will do my very best, right up to the end
I will try to help, and be the best of friends,
With all that come my way, And BEAT Dementia`s Trends,
                                        THAT IS WHAT I`ll DO!!

5 thoughts on “Poems By Norrms

  1. Straight from the heart Norm. I am learning so much from you & Elaine and use it at work. Your words help me talk to family members and when Im stuck I think now what would Norms say about this.
    Thank you Norm, i know of just a few of the millions, yes Norm MILLIONS, of sufferers you help

  2. Great poems Norms well done mate .. snow is falling thick and fast here, and I’ve gotta go to work tomorrow on an early.. Will have to leave here at 7am at the latest, hope the roads are ok, being a sunday, not much will have been on our back lanes to clear it up .. oh well lol. xxx Cher xxx

  3. G’day Norms!

    You, and Elaine/family, are an absolute inspiration and your website is one I will continue to visit often.

    Your poetry is not only AWESOME but is extremely important! Important for others to read/hear. Others like you as it will console, others like me as it will teach. Your are gifted with words and please do not ever stop writing!

    Cheerio and have a great day
    K 🙂

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