LUNCH AT NUMBER 10  as you know we had lunch at Number 10 yesterday whils..





Hiya, please take a look at this as this is my reply to yesterdays press release by the Dept of Health which was headed “Transforming Lives” if you want to google it, i commened on it yesterday and promised a video, here it is xxxxx


Well, here`s the proof that together we can really make a difference. After years of campaigning for more funding for research into this awful disease, (and PLEASE don’t let us forget all those who have fought long and hard before i was diagnosed) This was a meeting we had with the Prime Minister (I am to the left of him with hands clasped)  just before he went on stage to announce that the funding into Alzheimer’s will go up to about  66million ££££££££££s !!!!!! It was a historic day in the Dementia world and one i was very proud to be asked to. Just before that i had been interviewed on stage by Angela Rippon who i have to say is one very nice lady. Please remember, the work doesn’t stop here as we discussed Dementia Friendly communities and how we can make all cities and towns ect a better place for people with this illness to live.

It was agreed with the PM (Can’t believe i am writing this) that we WILL NOT just put stickers up all around town/cities  announcing that we are Dementia friendly unless some sort of Dementia Aware training is in place first. Do you remember in the 80s when town called themselves “Nuclear free? AS IF!! It was a fiasco and we don’t want to go down that route!”! So please my friends remember, this is just the beginning , but what a beginning, and please remember this is in memory of all those lost already to this disease and those living with itt now, THE FIGHT GOES ON !!!

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx


This is the moment i sat round the table with David Cameron PM, Andrew Lansley, Paul Burstow (out of picture) Alistair Burns and other Ministers discussing Dementia in the UK INCREDIBLE DAY

Hiya everybody, please share this link as it will show the world that even people with this awful disease can try and make a difference, and when you see the photo of me, underneath if you click on the arrow it shows you another one, this newspaper is delivered all over the South west of the Uk, great coverage for awareness raising xxxxxxxxx


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