Dementia Awareness Day Sept 15th 2012


Hello my friends, even though its only the first of April, could i please just remind anybody who will be holding and event on this wonderful day will need to book their halls/rooms/venues early on to save disapointment. If you are releasing ballons at 3pm exactly as we are (It was so successful last year) please remember not to release more than 200!! (Council laws)

As you know the chosen charity this year is the Lewy Body`s Society and i would ask that any funds you raise would you please split between your own chosen charity and the Lewy Body`s Society. Any monies raised for the Lewy Body`s sopciety can be deposited in this account kindly set up by them so it ALL goes straight to the LBS automatically, this is the link

Up to now this has, i am sure you will agree, an incredible year so far and its only April!!! We have been promised £66 million pounds towards research, there are Dementia Action Alliances popping up all over the country ( i am being e mailed from all around the Uk asking how to do it) , the media now seems to be on our side and the future is looking a little more promising for those touched with this awful disease. Please remeber this is the first time a Prime minister has stood up in public and on TV and promised more money towards this awful illness, that in itself is Historic!!

And so to Dementia awareness Day or D.A.D day as we love to call it. The reason Cher and myself came up with this name is because we wanted to make sure this day included all types of dementia and not just one in particular. Sometimes i think the other types of Dementia are treated as the “Poor Cousins” of this disease when they are in fact just as devastating!! Last year we raised over £2,400 for Dementia Uk and we would love to double that this year. It was our first year in 2011, and was a fantastic effort by everybody, this year i just know it wil;l be better.

All you have to do is hire a hall/room ext and hold stalls like bric a brac, clothes.Tombola/Raffles/home made cakes(always a winner LOL)  and give it the best advertisment you can by way of posters locally and telling your local radio and TV about the day. If you dont want to do anthing as big as that you could hold a tea party, or a coffee morning on the day or even a sponsored walk, diet, swim before the day, every penny counts !! if we all had two coffee morning each before the big day and then something on Sept 15th just think of the awareness we would be raising??

Please please e mail me with your plans, no matter how small and i will advertise it on my website and anybody elses that will let me LOL LOL . It may sound a little soon to some, but these things do take a lot of organising to be successful. please dont forget my e mail is

and the name of my website is Dementia Aware Alliance is above.

I hope to hear from lots of you very soon about your plans, all our love, Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxx


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