BOOKS now availiable in the UK and EU for the first time !!!!

If you are looking for something to buy your children/ grandchildren for Christmas, or you just like an old fashioned ghost story yourself, and want to help people with Dementia then look no farther, “The Ghost Of Marnie Jones” is about a little old lady who lived all of her life on the wild moors of Dartmoor. She kept herself to herself most of the time and was sometimes ridiculed because of this. Now she is a ghost, its payback time !! Read about how she gets her own back on all those that laughed at her and also causes complete Chaos in the villages surrounding Dartmoor in this funny but also touching book.
Proceeds from this book will be donated to Dementia Charities,
they are also available on and Amazon Euro for my overseas friends
Also from Norrms



Hiya, I AM SO EXITED !!!!! I have just been informed that my latest book “Silent Voices, My Battle with Alzheimers Continues” is FINALLY availiable in the UK !! No more Shipping Charges from the States, so  now all my friend`s  in the UK and Europe can buy the  paper back!!! Its been such a long time coming!!!! Thank you all for being so patient,  I hope you all enjoy it, please let me know, and PLEASE pass on to ALL your friends and Internet connections, Buy it for your friends , its all in a good cause !!  Just click on the lnk !! all our love, a very exited Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxx


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