First trains group and Dementia

Hiya, just have to share this good news, the first e mail I received yesterday and the second today, to think that this may be rolled out NATIONWIDE has made my year. Yes we met the Prime Minister and yes we have been to Downing street but to think this could make a HUGE difference to THOUSANDS of people and has really made my YEAR, and also not forgetting that its the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance has signed these wonderful people up, a great Coup for Torbay me thinks !! It really just shows what can be done if you “INCLUDE and ENGAGE people with Dementia, never forget the “Power of ONE Voice” xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Norman,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I am First Great Westerns (Name deleted) Manager. I have taken a look at the ‘Brief’ that you would like us to spread around our business to our colleagues.
I would be happy to do this but as you can imagine we have thousands of members of staff working within First Great Western. I would be more than happy to brief out to our managers and ensure that there are copies available on staff notice boards and possibly in the future to put this information in our news letter into next year. How does that sound? Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
(Name removed)
First Great Western

ME::: Norrms ::: Then asked “when you say “Thousands” do you mean across the South West of the Uk or UK WIDE? This was her answer

Good Afternoon Norman,

I Would be really happy to help. When I say thousands I mean this would eventually be spread through our entire company – This includes the west, central up to East as far as London. What I would do is make it part of our colleagues notice boards which are located at every station and in many staff mess rooms. Going further I would be looking to include it as a one of in a disability awareness news letter created by myself. I worked in a care home with a number of residents suffering from Dementia so I understand the difficulties sufferers face. I’m happy to hear you enjoy travelling with us and can only hope that continues. We are part of a First Group franchise. First Great Western is our company.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards
(Name Removed )

First Great Western

Torbay Half marathon

Helen  Ancient elements Half marathon Info
To all in Torbay who want to get fit or to anybody out there that would like to sponser this wonderful person in what she is doing Please read this wonderful post that my friend Helen has wrote and she is also looking for people to take up running with her whilst helping people with Dementia at the same time!! A Huge thank you to Helen for all her support, and a great big HUG all round to those who decide to join her. This is YOUR chance to make THAT difference, thank you so much, Norrms Mc Namara Diagnosed with Dementia 5yrs ago aged just 50yrs old xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx