“Planting Memories ” campaign 2012

“Planting Memories ” campaign 2012.




PLANTING MEMORIES is a campaign reaching out to all those interested in gardening to help raise public awareness of dementia and generate funds for charities involved with finding a cure and developing new treatments.


The idea for Planting Memories was seeded by Norman McNamara (aka Norrms) who was diagnosed with early onset dementia four years ago aged 50. Since then Norrms has been campaigning long and hard to improve things for all those who have been touched by this devastating disease.

Norrms describes here how everyone interested in gardening can get involved in the Planting Memories campaign:

“Anyone interested in gardening can ‘plant memories’ in aid of international Dementia Awareness Day 2012 (aka D.A.D) on Saturday September 15th. All you have to do is grow some garden plants of any kind over the summer and then sell them to your friends or local community on or before DAD. The profit you make can be donated online via http://www.justgiving.com/DementiaAwarenessDay2012

It doesn’t matter if you take on the challenge as an individual, or club together with some friends or neighbours. You can sell your produce direct from your front door or take it to a fête or car boot sale. Plants are very easy to grow, you can start from seed or cheat by buying ready propagated seedlings from your local garden centre. Enjoy nurturing and watching them mature, and then pot them up ready to sell as established plants during the summer or on D.A.D day! Ideas for growing plant varieties can be found on my Planting Memories Facebook page www.facebook.com/PlantingMemories.

But there is more to this campaign than fundraising. I would like you all to try and involve (where possible) someone who has a diagnosis of dementia in the choice of plants and the growing process.”

Norrms hopes that care homes, day centres and hospitals will also get involved in the Planting Memories campaign.

Longer term, Norrms would also like to pioneer for a Dementia Memory Garden  to be established in every town. This will be part sensory garden planted with flowers and herbs and part allotment for growing fruit and vegetables. The garden will be easily accessible for people with dementia and their friends (including carers and family) to go and help out or just enjoy. During the summer friends of the Memory Garden will organise competitions and fun for all the community to take part in. The produce grown can be sold and all funds will go straight to the DAD charity of  the year. Dementia Memory Gardens in Britain and the world will grow into a wonderful living legacy to all those who have created and enjoyed these flourishing pieces of land.

In 2012 the Planting Memories campaign will be supporting The Lewy Body Society. Lewy Body disease is the second most frequent cause of neurodegenerative dementia.*

*Statement by the Lewy Body Society – Charity Registration No. 1114579

We aim to support and inform carers, sufferers and the general public about this tragic disease.  DLB is often misdiagnosed as other forms of dementia, which can lead to the condition of sufferers worsening.

Virtually unknown but not uncommon, Lewy Body disease is the second most frequent cause of neurodegenerative dementia. Accurate diagnosis is essential for successful treatment. The purpose of The Lewy Body Society is to raise awareness of this terrible disease amongst the public and the medical profession.

For more information about Lewy Body disease please visit http://lewybody.org/


For further information about the Planting Memories campaign on behalf of Dementia Awareness Day please contact Lyn Richards or Ian Mann @ Vermilion on 01428 608019

You can read more about Norman McNamara’s story at https://dementiaawarealliance.wordpress.com/


(Norrms is sitting next to the Prime Minister in the far right of the picture)

Release date: 27 April 2012



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