Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.


When Lewy Body`s

Comes to


When Lewy Body`s comes to call,

He doesn’t knock your door,

He never asks politely,

If he can cross your floor,

He sneaks up right behind you,

As quiet as the night,

Then before you know it,

You are in a fight,

You’re fighting for your life,

Everything you know,

From memories that`s just happened,

To those of long ago,

It cover`s you like a blanket,

From your toes up to your brain,

From the diagnosis day,

You are not the same,

But fight is what we do,

Our Strength so very pure,

We will keep on fighting,

Until they find a cure


Norrms and family (Keep the faith my friends ) xxxxxxxxxxxx



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