Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.

Failing heart, Failing Mind

Failing heart, failing mind,
Why is life so unkind?
One foot through, deaths own door,
Dear God I am only 54!
Breathing laboured, feeling tired,
Watching children I have sired,
A doctors visit, that knowing look,
Reading them like a book,
I don’t want pity, I want to live,
I have yet, so much to give,
Winters come, summers go,
Chilly Spring and autumns’ glow,
Looking back on what I’ve done,
All with love and so much fun,
Never wanting this to end,
Yet my strength, sometimes bends,
Dementia / heart failure do their best,
Putting my body to the test,
Failing heart and failing mind,
Why is life, so unkind?


BOOKS now availiable in the UK and EU for the first time !!!!

BOOKS now availiable in the UK and EU for the first time !!!!.


Hiya, I AM SO EXITED !!!!! I have just been informed that my latest book “Silent Voices, My Battle with Alzheimers Continues” is FINALLY availiable in the UK !! No more Shipping Charges from the States, so  now all my friend`s  in the UK and Europe can buy the  paper back!!! Its been such a long time coming!!!! Thank you all for being so patient,  I hope you all enjoy it, please let me know, and PLEASE pass on to ALL your friends and Internet connections, Buy it for your friends , its all in a good cause !!  Just click on the lnk !! all our love, a very exited Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxx

Experiencing Dementia

Experiencing Dementia.


Sometimes I sit here and evaluate my life living with Dementia so far and how we have dealt with it. Sometimes it’s a good outcome, sometimes not; it depends on my mood I think! There is one thing, no matter what I think about, is the Secrets and Lies that’s connected with this awful illness dementia. I think that’s why I campaign as hard as I do, because the more I learn, the more questions there are, this is what I mean.
When I was first told I had Dementia I was advised to “Use it or lose it” and sent on my way!! If I had just been diagnosed with Cancer or HIV would they have said the same? What were they holding back? What SECRETS did they hold about this disease? As time went on I realised that not only was there nothing in place for somebody like me aged just 50yrs old with this kind of diagnosis but nobody talked about it openly?? WHY NOT? Was that a SECRET too? All I learned about this awful disease I learned via the computer but here are something’s I had to find out as time went on.
1, sometimes when I walk into the room and see my Angels face, drawn with worry and trying to figure out the best way forward for the future, what am I suppose to say? Do I say I am sorry? Do I pretend I haven’t seen her? Do I lie to her and say everything will be ok when quite clearly its not going to be? Nobody told me this would happen!
2, Never having lied to any of my grandchildren, when they ask “Grandad, are you going to die soon?? How do I answer that one? How do I look them in the eye and say “Not to worry, I am not going anywhere “ How do I look at their wonderful innocent faces and tell them that I might not be here to see them grow up, or see them married and have children of their own? Nobody told me this would happen?
3, When my Angel holds me so tight and whispers “What am I going to do without you?” How do I answer her? How do I calm her fears and trepidation? Nobody told me this would happen!
4, The nightmares, the hallucinations, the constant pressure of always being in the wrong, getting nothing right, dates, times, remembering holidays and places I have been!! WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS WOULD HAPPEN??
Well, where do I start??
1, It’s only an Age related disease? Err excuse me????
2, it’s contagious? Yes some people walk away from me as if I have the Bubonic plague.
3, I don’t LOOK LIKE I have dementia?? Please explain to me “What does somebody “look like “with dementia.
4, it’s no use talking to him/her as she/ he won’t understand you?? Please tell me how do you know that?? When did you pass your degree in matters of the mind?
5, Just dress them in anything, they won’t know ?? Again, how do you know this??
6, A member of my family has a “Touch “of Dementia, that’s just like saying my sister is a “Touch Pregnant!!!
7, Dementia comes on suddenly!! NO IT DOESNT!!! Its actually a Critical chain of events that lead up to the later stages, its just all about becoming aware of the signs.
8, and the biggest one of all, its all about losing YOUR MEMORY!!
It’s about losing your lifestyle skills, your ability to walk properly, to talk properly, to count money and understand the simple tasks of life which you wouldn’t normally give a second thought to. Its about putting the milk in the oven and the hot cup of coffee in the fridge!!

SECRETS AND LIES, EVERY ONE OF THEM, with a lot more besides.
My dear friends, until these secrets and lies are stopped, until the truth comes out about this awful disease and until each and every one of us stand up and shout`s that enough is enough!! We will struggle to overcome something we are in the dark about. No more should we hide in the shadows and whisper about Dementia. No more should those of us who have this disease be looked at as if we have two heads!! And no more should this disease be the Silent Enemy! Because I for one will not go quietly and will campaign long and hard until there are no more SECRETS AND LIES, Just

Experiencing Dementia

Experiencing Dementia.

Last Night`s
Horror Show
The feeling of emptiness within my mind about an hour or so before going to bed was not a good sign. I sat there; quiet and unresponsive to all and whatever was going on, God only knows what was on the television, but to bed I went, 9pm as usual, accompanied with my headphones on listening to Palm FM.
I love any type of music but I kept changing radio stations as I was convinced I didn’t like anything I was listening to, and found myself becoming more agitated.  Around ten PM my “Angel” Elaine came in and we tried to settle down moments later. In what seemed “Nano” seconds to me (But actually an hour or so), the Horror Show “started.

Images of people seemingly going about their business flickered across my eyes, cars, buses, planes and trains ploughed through the ni…ghtmare with ease, taking everybody and everything with it and I found myself screaming warnings, shouting at the top of my voice and my arms flaying about windmill like! My legs ran as hard as they could so I could try and warn people of the oncoming tragedy but they just turned to lead as I strained to put one foot in front of the other.
The outcome I will not write about, but needless to say it wasn’t a happy one. In my dream I just looked on in horror and screamed as loud as I could, if I am honest with myself it’s not a sound I have ever heard before and if I did I would say it wasn’t human. I have tried to re-enact the sound but I am physically unable to. My angel held me tight, dried my tears and the beads of sweat from my face and settled me down again for the night. Within minutes it had started again!!

This time I will not recall what happened as it was very personal, but also very real. What I can say is during this night terror I actually said to myself “This must be a dream and not true, it can’t be!!” I was actually dreaming within a dream, a first for me and very worrying!!! Once again the outcome was horrendous and once again my Angel and saviour were there to help me and calm me down.
As I awoke, eventually, at break of dawn I have never been so relieved to the rays of daylight streaming through our windows. Elaine’s hand immediately stretched out looking for mine as she whispered “Are you ok Norrms? Are you getting up now? I Whisper back “yes” and gently kissed her on the cheek, she looked so tied and yet so grateful to at least get a little interrupted sleep without my agonies of the night disturbing her, for an hour at least.

Never before have a described the contents of my dreams but I do believe that we have to talk about these things because it could be your partner/loved one, relation that is going through the same as me. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a snapshot of last night, and please believe me when I say it was only a snapshot, but hopefully it will help some understand what people with DEMENTIA have to endure sometimes, even though they don’t talk about it.
Love to you all, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx

“Planting Memories ” campaign 2012

“Planting Memories ” campaign 2012.




PLANTING MEMORIES is a campaign reaching out to all those interested in gardening to help raise public awareness of dementia and generate funds for charities involved with finding a cure and developing new treatments.


The idea for Planting Memories was seeded by Norman McNamara (aka Norrms) who was diagnosed with early onset dementia four years ago aged 50. Since then Norrms has been campaigning long and hard to improve things for all those who have been touched by this devastating disease.

Norrms describes here how everyone interested in gardening can get involved in the Planting Memories campaign:

“Anyone interested in gardening can ‘plant memories’ in aid of international Dementia Awareness Day 2012 (aka D.A.D) on Saturday September 15th. All you have to do is grow some garden plants of any kind over the summer and then sell them to your friends or local community on or before DAD. The profit you make can be donated online via http://www.justgiving.com/DementiaAwarenessDay2012

It doesn’t matter if you take on the challenge as an individual, or club together with some friends or neighbours. You can sell your produce direct from your front door or take it to a fête or car boot sale. Plants are very easy to grow, you can start from seed or cheat by buying ready propagated seedlings from your local garden centre. Enjoy nurturing and watching them mature, and then pot them up ready to sell as established plants during the summer or on D.A.D day! Ideas for growing plant varieties can be found on my Planting Memories Facebook page www.facebook.com/PlantingMemories.

But there is more to this campaign than fundraising. I would like you all to try and involve (where possible) someone who has a diagnosis of dementia in the choice of plants and the growing process.”

Norrms hopes that care homes, day centres and hospitals will also get involved in the Planting Memories campaign.

Longer term, Norrms would also like to pioneer for a Dementia Memory Garden  to be established in every town. This will be part sensory garden planted with flowers and herbs and part allotment for growing fruit and vegetables. The garden will be easily accessible for people with dementia and their friends (including carers and family) to go and help out or just enjoy. During the summer friends of the Memory Garden will organise competitions and fun for all the community to take part in. The produce grown can be sold and all funds will go straight to the DAD charity of  the year. Dementia Memory Gardens in Britain and the world will grow into a wonderful living legacy to all those who have created and enjoyed these flourishing pieces of land.

In 2012 the Planting Memories campaign will be supporting The Lewy Body Society. Lewy Body disease is the second most frequent cause of neurodegenerative dementia.*

*Statement by the Lewy Body Society – Charity Registration No. 1114579

We aim to support and inform carers, sufferers and the general public about this tragic disease.  DLB is often misdiagnosed as other forms of dementia, which can lead to the condition of sufferers worsening.

Virtually unknown but not uncommon, Lewy Body disease is the second most frequent cause of neurodegenerative dementia. Accurate diagnosis is essential for successful treatment. The purpose of The Lewy Body Society is to raise awareness of this terrible disease amongst the public and the medical profession.

For more information about Lewy Body disease please visit http://lewybody.org/


For further information about the Planting Memories campaign on behalf of Dementia Awareness Day please contact Lyn Richards or Ian Mann @ Vermilion on 01428 608019

You can read more about Norman McNamara’s story at https://dementiaawarealliance.wordpress.com/


(Norrms is sitting next to the Prime Minister in the far right of the picture)

Release date: 27 April 2012


Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.


When Lewy Body`s

Comes to


When Lewy Body`s comes to call,

He doesn’t knock your door,

He never asks politely,

If he can cross your floor,

He sneaks up right behind you,

As quiet as the night,

Then before you know it,

You are in a fight,

You’re fighting for your life,

Everything you know,

From memories that`s just happened,

To those of long ago,

It cover`s you like a blanket,

From your toes up to your brain,

From the diagnosis day,

You are not the same,

But fight is what we do,

Our Strength so very pure,

We will keep on fighting,

Until they find a cure


Norrms and family (Keep the faith my friends ) xxxxxxxxxxxx