Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.

Return to Sender

I know your name, I swear I do,
It’s on the tip of my tongue,
Sorry, what did you say?
I’ve known you for “HOW LONG?”
Your face is so familiar,
But no name comes to mind,
Please can you remind me?
If you`ll be so kind,
God! I hate dementia,
And all that it entails,
I sit here, head in hands
As my memory fails,
Will I ever remember?
How things used to be,
Who you actually are,
And what you mean to me?
I see sorrow on your face,
And tears are in your eyes,
To me you look so sad,
Then I hear your cries,
Please give me a smile,
So I can remember,
Then I will smile too,
And return it to the sender

Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxx
Please Share xxx


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