Hello my friends, it gives me so much pleasure to announce that after being nominated for an award in the USA i actually won the best Alzheimers and Care “Blog” Award. Here is the link to the news and my story that won it, thank you so much to all my dear friends who voted for me and who many stayed up late into the night voting!! It is an pleasure and an honour to know each and every one of you, al our love, Norrms, Elaine and family


Thank you so much to all who voted xxxxxxxxxxxx


Experiencing Dementia

Experiencing Dementia.

On The Edge

At about seven o clock last night things started to get a little hazy. It’s been a long hard week because my heart failure has kicked in again and my breathing has been atrocious. I was back on the oxygen last night even before bed time so I knew with this, three nights of screaming and shouting and becoming more forgetful during the day, it wasn`t a good mix!!

As the day drew on I was becoming more agitated and loud! We were in Newton Abbot yesterday to get me a new suit and shoes for next week’s conference in London and all was well until mid afternoon. Elaine nudged me gently twice, smiled and asked me to keep my voice down. I of course couldn’t tell any difference but I knew was only helping me. I could feel a pressure building up inside my head, (Never a good sign) and it’s just like having High Blood pressure but without the dizziness.
As we arrived home things seem to settle a bit but as the night went on the only way I can explain it is a feeling of being there, but not being there?? Being “with it” and yet not understanding what was going on around me? I know I must have watched TV last night as we do every night, but I couldn’t tell you what a watched!! And so to bed.

Actually going to bed is a complete mystery to me as it is most nights and yet once there, the “NIGHT TERRORS” come thick and fast. This is such a cruel disease!! I can’t remember going to bed but I can remember every horrific detail of my night terrors, right up to the minute the train was just going to run me over and I rolled violently to one side and landed with such a heavy thump on our bedroom floor.
Elaine was out of bed like a shot, it was as if she hadn’t been to sleep and was expecting something like this to happen. I struggled so much getting my bearings and surroundings and shouted for help a good two minutes after it actually happened. One of the things that did come to light and shouldn’t surprise anyone, including me, was because of my weight we had major problems getting me off the floor. I could see the look of frustration, worry and hurt in my Angels eyes and I don’t want her to ever struggle like that again.

So tomorrow, 19th March 2012 will be a turning point in my life regarding my weight! I fight heart failure and Dementia every day of my life, I have given up smoking years ago, so why do I struggle so much with my weight?? I really don’t know, but not anymore!!! Eventually, Elaine managed to get me back into bed but it was a very long time before we both dropped off. I knew Elaine was worrying about me as I could hear her breathing in the dark and as myself, I think it was the shock that kept me awake for a while.
This disease as I have said before, is like no other, everybody who has this all have completely unique differences. Some are very similar yet so different in ways. Please, can everybody remember the saying I learned such a long time ago,



As for me, the falls mattress will be on order tomorrow, until then a quilt will be on the floor and all the bedroom furniture has been rearranged. Looks very mish mash but safety has to come first.


You may have won this round Dementia Demon, but if we have our way, it will be the last one you win!!!!!

Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.

Mothers Day
Mother dear, do you remember when,
You looked after me like a clucking hen,
When you wiped my nose, and my bum,
Was there nothing that you would have done?
All through my life, you were always there,
Always loving, full of care,
As I Grew up you would always say,
Why are you, always in my way?
When in my teens, with that knowing look,
You could always read me like a book,
And as I wed, you did say,
Love and laughter every day,
If you quarrel, don’t go to sleep,
Until each other’s arms you do creep,
Then one day as we grew old,
Your story ended, all was told,
So from snotty nose and dirty bum,
Just want to say “I LOVE YOU MUM”

Experiencing Dementia

Experiencing Dementia.

An Illness Like
No Other
This is undoubtedly an illness like any other. Everybody who has a diagnosis of this terrible disease is as unique as every snowflake that falls to the grounds in deepest winter. Over the last few days I have come across comments such as
“Recruiting for the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance? There’s plenty of time for that!!
… Unquote.
My Answer?
Err, excuse me, so it’s not important to raise awareness each and every day is it not?? I think it is!!
Or, when explaining to a certain shopkeeper about the Alliance I was asked (And this is no word of a lie)
When is a good time to joke with the customer about their Dementia?
My answer? YOU REALLY DONT WANT TO KNOW!! But if you PM me I will tell you the answer I gave, not for public consumption LOL .
Sometimes I think I will shake my head so hard it will fall off!! LOL But then I get three to four e mails at once from the likes of Age UK Torbay and the Care Trust asking what the Alliance is all about and how can they get involved, and so my heart soars once again.
I was asked also recently why I like to keep so busy and always have some project on the go? The answer, to me is quite simple, the busier I am the less time I have to think about how this disgusting disease is robbing me, minute by minute of my wonderful life and memories. When I have nothing to do is when I start to worry, and that’s when my “Concrete Overcoat” as I call it appears and envelopes me only to drag me down deeper and deeper into the depths of despair.
And please believe me when I say there are times like that quite often. Sometimes all is not what it seems over the computer. But on the other hand, in the early days of my diagnosis there were more bad days than good, but I can happily say these days there are more good days than bad, and I am convinced that’s because I keep busy, but when the day draws to a close, then that’s when my condition deteriorates.
Even after a couple of relaxing days away from the computer, I awoke the other night Screaming, Shouting and pushing the bedside table away from me as hard as I could!! I was bathed in sweat in what was a cold night and for the rest of the night I just drifted from one night terror to another. Two day`s running I could smell things from my past, from a very very long time ago , and in my front room as well!! I keep having glimpses of people who are long gone and hear my wonderful gran shouting me from time to time.
I have always said that having this disease is just like having TWO diseases, Having it, and KNOWING YOU HAVE IT!!!
But, and as you know, there is always a BUT with me LOL, It’s because we do so much and have little time to think of much else, and for that reason I am convinced I will beat this awful illness and one day hold the MOTHER of all parties.
Guess What??

Experiencing Dementia

Experiencing Dementia. The way forward

The Way Forward

Yesterday, Elaine and I had the privilege of attending what I would call the BEST conference I have ever been to so far!! Master classes on living well with Dementia were held on six separate tables, four times during the day (24 classes in total during the day) at each class different people sat at the table (it was a huge conference)

At each table sat a person (teacher) living with Dementia and the “Pupils” so to speak, were made up of Doctors, Consultants, Psychiatrist`s, NHS Commissionaires’ and local health workers.


To be able to advise such people on how it REALLY is to live with this awful Disease and how we could, by working together improve things so much was an absolute privilege. Each one of us living with Dementia felt as if we were speaking for all those, all over the country who couldn’t speak for themselves and made the best of every moment.


I explained that Dr`s receptionists should be trained to be aware that when people are making appointments for those with memory impairments or confusion to advise people to make a double appointment (20mins instead of 10) Therefore not putting any extra pressure on the Gp`s but giving the Patients a little more time to explain things.

I explained that after EVERY diagnosis of Dementia a follow up appointment should be made no longer than two weeks later to answer any questions that they may have about Dementia, and believe me there are quite a few!!

And the most important point I made was that Dementia IS NOT an age related disease!! I asked THREE Doctors sat at my table if they regarded Dementia as this, and the answer was a resounding YES!!

“Very Worrying “

I also asked if the same Doctors had the confidence to give a diagnosis of Dementia at any age. This time they all said NO!!

“Even more worrying”

Now, 10 out of 10 for their honesty, but not really the answers I was looking for, BUT!! The discussion that followed on all the points I got across was very encouraging, and I don’t say that too often!!

I was also asked to speak to the Whole conference at the end (it was a last minute arrangement, I was only asked to do it 15 mins before the closing speech) and to be honest I really made the most of it!!

As the opening headline says, this is the way forward, every professional I spoke to said they had got so much out of it. My “Angel” Elaine who was sat on a different table with the “Carers” point of view was told by the consultant running the conference that her workshop was the best he had been to during the day!! I am so proud of her.

So, my message to all you guys out there involved in “Dementia care” and all those that organise conferences regarding Dementia across the country


Ask what we did, copy it to the letter, we don’t mind!! Please involve people who are living with Dementia in all you, after all


A very contented Norrms and Elaine xxxxxx


Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.

A prayer
For Dementia

Oh dear Lord, hear my prayer,
And show me that you really care,
Trouble is I can’t remember,
All my prayers for you to tender,
Will this matter, on the day,
When we meet, what will you say?
If I didn’t have dementia
I would recall my holy Venture,
If I don’t pray, from time to time,
Remember that my minds not mine,
Please forgive me, as you know,
No matter what, I love you so,

Diagnosed with Dementia 4 years ago


Hiya , this is a Dementia Unit close to where we live (Approx 16 miles) and i was lucky enough to be asked to do some training at Lucerne House. This is without a doubt one of the best Dementia Units i have come accross, well done all my Friends at Lucerne House, Exeter, Devon,
Norrms xxxxxxxxx

Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.

Return to Sender

I know your name, I swear I do,
It’s on the tip of my tongue,
Sorry, what did you say?
I’ve known you for “HOW LONG?”
Your face is so familiar,
But no name comes to mind,
Please can you remind me?
If you`ll be so kind,
God! I hate dementia,
And all that it entails,
I sit here, head in hands
As my memory fails,
Will I ever remember?
How things used to be,
Who you actually are,
And what you mean to me?
I see sorrow on your face,
And tears are in your eyes,
To me you look so sad,
Then I hear your cries,
Please give me a smile,
So I can remember,
Then I will smile too,
And return it to the sender

Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxx
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