Experiencing Dementia

Please dont let the Forgetter be Forgotton !

If I had a £, no sorry, if I had a penny for every time I had said “Err Sorry I Forgot” in the last four years I would be a very rich man !!! If I say it once I must say it a thousand times a day!! I am sure you wonderful carer`s out there can understand what I am saying as it must drive you up the wall hearing it as well!.
“Have you done this? Err sorry I forgot. Have you put that away? Err sorry I forgot, and that’s just before brekkie!! LOL Frustrating to say the least on both sides as you can imagine! But what about when the day comes when I don’t answer back? What about when the day comes when you realise you might as well stop asking the questions because it falls on Deaf ears? What happens then?

When the day arrives when I am asked all these things but no reply comes from my mouth, or no acknowledgement comes from a raising of the eyebrows or a shrugging of shoulders, what do you do then? Do you continue to ask the questions in the hope that one day an answer will again come? Or do you stop asking the questions because you just tell yourself that I am at that stage that I mustn’t be able to understand? What would you do?

Both my “Angel “ Elaine and I have talked about this at length and in my humble opinion I want to be asked these questions until the day I shuffle off mu mortal cord!! I want to be able to hear Elaine’s voice for as long as I can. I want the comfort of knowing I have not been forgotten and the sound of her questions may spark some kind of memories within my mind even though I might have lost the ability to speak.

I believe this is so important, as there isn’t a person on this earth who can say how much people understand when they are in the later stages. Can you imagine being trapped in your own body and mind, understanding all that’s going on around you but unable to communicate because that little part of your brain that tells you how to speak or nod your head has been lost forever? Can you even begin to understand how frustrating that would be?

So my point is, even though the day may come when I, or, someone you know loses the ability to answer back or visibly acknowledge what’s going on around them, please don’t stop asking them questions or talking to them, no one can say how much I or others are able to understand. It would be an incredibly lonely world trapped inside my own mind and body without hearing the lovely voice of my loved ones talking to me and not “AT “me.

Please don’t let the


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