Dementia Awareness Day

Night Sky Of Hope

This was how Dementia Day was created on January 3rd 2011 and the story I wrote that started it all. It’s also the reason for this year’s Logo of a Star, for all of you who haven’t read this before, please enjoy

                                        NIGHT SKY OF HOPE

Hiya, where we live in Torquay we are quite fortunate as in we live in a nice flat in an old Victorian house. Because of this we have floor to ceiling windows in our front room so the views are quite clear. At night time this especially so and last night I found myself staring at the night sky.

Its complete blackness and enormity made me feel very humble and the more I thought about it the more I thought about how we look at dementia. The darkness and blackness descends without warning, with no sound, omitting most of the brightness of the day. It creeps up on us daily and there are no warning signs, no alarm bells or “Symptoms” as such, in the early stages of the night times and before you know it, it’s completely dark!! Does this sound familiar??


Mmm, very familiar to me, BUT!! (And as you know there is always a BUT with me LOL) when you look into this sheer darkness what also can you see?? What I saw last night was the shiniest star I have ever seen, maybe I am noticing more these days, some say you do when you’re really ill, but through all that darkness and density was this star, shining and twinkling in the depth of blackness like I had never seen before. Against all the odds, there it was, shining a light that started millions of years ago but still living on pulsating in the night sky.

Then, as I looked around, there was another, and another, and another!!!!! My heart skipped a beat and I felt as if I was an excited child all over again, WHY??? Because in my mind all these wonderful wonderful shining stars were rays of hope!! Each and every one of them held the hope and prayers of everybody who is touched by this awful illness, every single one of them was somebody who had the hope and faith that one day a cure would be found, and this was the universes way of saying HOLD ON!! A Cure is coming and coming soon!! Every star that shines so bright is the light of belief that we all hold on to so dear.

So the next time you take a look up, and stare at the wonderment of the universe, just give thanks, that all the lights you see will be shining so much brighter in the very near future.



Within 24hrs of posting this story, Cher from Wiltshire (on the poster) rang me and within twenty minutes “Dementia Awareness Day was born. That was on the 3rd Jan 2011, the first D.A.D day was celebrated on the 17th Sept last year. This year’s will be on 15th Sept.




Dementia Awareness Day.


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