Video Blogs By Norrms

Video Blogs By Norrms.

Hiya, i have just uploaded some  of my Videos to my new website Dementia Aware Alliance, they are “Elaines Story” “End of life Care”  “Speak Out” and a couple more, if you are stuch for something to do today because of the weather,, please have a look and say HI, best wishes, Norrms and family


2 thoughts on “Video Blogs By Norrms

  1. Our struggles are different, but in watching your videos I heard you speak of some of my own concerns, primarily about the voices of the suffers being heard and validated. I am excited for you and your wife in all that this drug has returned to you. What a wonderful legacy of information you are leaving to your family and the world at large Norrms, Even for others like myself, outsiders perhaps, you have opened a world to me that I would otherwise not have known. I am hoping to be as vulnerable, open and honest in the manuscript that I am working on regarding my own journey.

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