Poems By Norrms

Poems By Norrms.

                                HEAR MY PLEA

Staring out into space,
Asking God to hear my case,
Trying to think of all things past,
How long will my memory last?
Salty tears running down,
Gently shaking, saddened frown,
These are times you do not see,
At my loneliest, this is me,
Friends and family all around,
Grandchildren play with much abound,
Yet here I sit, feeling so alone,
In my mind I am on my own,
So dear Lord, hear my plea,
Come here and sit next to me,
Fix my memories and my mind
If you would, be so kind,

Norrms xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “Poems By Norrms

  1. Though we do not share the same dimension of struggle, your poem spoke the anxiety of my own heart with regards to the loneliest of times being not being able to remember a name, directions, appointments or how to follow instructions or manage a kalidiscope of feelings over a variety of things despite supportive friends, family. Your poem comforts me that I am not alone and I am relieved to have found the group and your blog. Thanks for this entry,

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