First trains group and Dementia

Hiya, just have to share this good news, the first e mail I received yesterday and the second today, to think that this may be rolled out NATIONWIDE has made my year. Yes we met the Prime Minister and yes we have been to Downing street but to think this could make a HUGE difference to THOUSANDS of people and has really made my YEAR, and also not forgetting that its the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance has signed these wonderful people up, a great Coup for Torbay me thinks !! It really just shows what can be done if you “INCLUDE and ENGAGE people with Dementia, never forget the “Power of ONE Voice” xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Norman,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I am First Great Westerns (Name deleted) Manager. I have taken a look at the ‘Brief’ that you would like us to spread around our business to our colleagues.
I would be happy to do this but as you can imagine we have thousands of members of staff working within First Great Western. I would be more than happy to brief out to our managers and ensure that there are copies available on staff notice boards and possibly in the future to put this information in our news letter into next year. How does that sound? Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
(Name removed)
First Great Western

ME::: Norrms ::: Then asked “when you say “Thousands” do you mean across the South West of the Uk or UK WIDE? This was her answer

Good Afternoon Norman,

I Would be really happy to help. When I say thousands I mean this would eventually be spread through our entire company – This includes the west, central up to East as far as London. What I would do is make it part of our colleagues notice boards which are located at every station and in many staff mess rooms. Going further I would be looking to include it as a one of in a disability awareness news letter created by myself. I worked in a care home with a number of residents suffering from Dementia so I understand the difficulties sufferers face. I’m happy to hear you enjoy travelling with us and can only hope that continues. We are part of a First Group franchise. First Great Western is our company.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards
(Name Removed )

First Great Western

Torbay Half marathon

Helen  Ancient elements Half marathon Info
To all in Torbay who want to get fit or to anybody out there that would like to sponser this wonderful person in what she is doing Please read this wonderful post that my friend Helen has wrote and she is also looking for people to take up running with her whilst helping people with Dementia at the same time!! A Huge thank you to Helen for all her support, and a great big HUG all round to those who decide to join her. This is YOUR chance to make THAT difference, thank you so much, Norrms Mc Namara Diagnosed with Dementia 5yrs ago aged just 50yrs old xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pride Of Britain Awards


Hiya everybody, as you know, a couple of weeks ago i was told i had been nominated for the Pride Of Britain Awards in London in Oct and from the whole South West Of England i have got through to the FINAL FOUR !! ITV Westcountry came last week and filmed Elaine and me in several locations around Torquay and also filmed some other people i know on my behalf (A HUGE thank you to them ) . This film will now be shown between Monday 8th Oct and Thurdsay 11th Oct at 6pm on Westcountry TV news. (availiable on I Player) i dont know what night we are on but have been told the winner will be announced on Friday 12th October.

My nerves are shattered now, goodness knows what i will be like next week!! I have never been so nervous in my life!! The sheer thought of being awarded for doing something which i think anybody can do and not that special just seems very unreal to me.There are pepole out there in Afganistan , carrying 30lb packs on thier backs being SHOT AT !! There are pepole who risk thier lives to save others, each and every day !!

Then there is me !! With my wonderful wife and ONE COMPUTER !!!! Its so humbling and a little more that surreal lol

I would just like to say if i dont manage to get through at least we have put Dementia on the TV once again (nest week) and raised awareness. Now, if i am lucky enough to get through (I really dont think i desreve to ) all that matters to me, is not the award, but to put the Disease DEMENTIA on stage in front of MILLIONS of TV people and show people there is life after diasgnosis and hopefully help people understand that an early daignosis of this awful disease is so important to improve quaility of life, as always i will keep you posted, yours, A Very nervous, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Torbay Dementia Action Alliance

Torbay Dementia Action Alliance.


Five Years


Hiya everybody just thought it was time for a little catch up.
Its five years ago now since I had the devastating news I had a diagnosis of Dementia and the only advice I had on that day from the consultant was “Use it or lose it” The one thing I soon found out was the absolutely SHOCKING news that there was very little support for people with Dementia out there and even less, in

 cluding NONE for those of us in younger years with this awful disease, and so our Quest began.

My first ever blog was called “Me and My Alzheimer`s” which turned out to be the very name of my first book and I posted it on the Alzheimer’s site “Talking Point” The rest, as they say is history !!

So, how far have we come, how much progress have we made and what of the future?
I personally think we have made HUGE strides, admittedly things could be better, they always can, but these are some of the changes I have witnessed in the last five years in the world of Denmtia, so i would like to thank all those who played a part in these changes, however small. however big, for making these wonderful changes possible

There are more memory cafes now than ever before, and not only run by the Alzheimer’s society! We have hundreds of cafes all over the country run independently because people started to realise the need for them. Also the emergence of them all over the world as well, especially in the USA, the very first one being in Minnesota in which I played a very small part in.

Without a doubt the word DEMENTIA has never before been bandied about or made the headlines of newspapers as much as it has been in the last five years!! The highlight for me was the FIRST EVER TV ADVERTS regarding Dementia being shown on UK TV. Let’s hope they take it one step farther next time and actually use someone with Dementia just to make it real and put a face to this awful disease. Radio Programmes are awash with Stories on Dementia (I know I have spoken on many of them) and the social media has been a wonderful tool in raising awareness.

Love or hate this subject it affects almost every part of our lives. Now I don’t care which government is in power and who deals with what Department, I only care about how they are going to improve things. For years the Illness of Dementia has always been a poor cousin of the other big charities when it comes to handouts. We have always got just an EIGHTH of monies given to other large charities. But not this year, we had £34 Million pounds promised to us with more to come, we were also given a £10 million pound pot to share amongst people who are trying to improve Dementia care, and on top of that History was made when the very first UK Prime Minister stood up and publically announced the fight against Dementia would be made a Govt priority and the Dementia Challenge was born.

On ground level, as I call it, Dementia Action Alliances are popping up all over the country, here in Torbay we were recognised by the PM himself for all the work that’s being done here in The south west of England. Up in York they call it Dementia “Without out Walls” and have a great project going on. We attended a conference in Birmingham where people from all corners of the UK came and we got together to discuss this TABOO subject (AS WAS!!) And how to improve all aspects of life for people who are unfortunately touched by this disease.

The Alzheimer’s society in the last five years have really got their act together (A personal thank you must go to Jeremy Hughes CEO ALZ Soc for this and his forward thinking)
More memory cafes have been opened, Dementia advisors have been employed, and there is more continuity than ever before. I know that two premises here in Devon are being sought to house even more Dementia advisors and this is happening all over. The Monthly magazine is now called “Living WITH Dementia” which sends out a great message. Help lines have been set up with more in the pipeline.

The Mental Health Foundation along with The JRF and Innovations in Dementia are undertaking a two year survey which will bring groups of people with Dementia and their carers together and able to network and share ideas for the future. The Royal College of Nursing has just published a paper and video of Improving Dementia care in our Hospitals.

All this in the last FIVE years, and much more I haven’t even mentioned!!! Even so, I just know there will be some out there that will think more could have been done, and in some circumstances I certainly agree, but as the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and the sheer amount actually DONE in the last five years is nothing short of ASTOUNDING!! It does make you wonder what CAN BE DONE IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS!!!

Let us not look back and think what hasn`t happened in the past, but let us look forward and think about what CAN HAPPEN in the future !! And if the last five years is anything to go by, it’s a future to look forward to where Dementia is concerned.

On a personal note, as ever, we (My Angel Elaine and I) will promise each and every one of you that we will do our upmost to do what we can to improve things for people in the future, and if the time ever comes (I SAID IF LOL) for us to step down, we can only hope the legacy we leave will inspire others to carry on the good fight.

All our love, Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our Health
Coming Soon !!        A New Website !!!
Thanks to our great friends Sugarfix Creative the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance will have a new website !! Steve and Maggie (the owners ) are going to design and build a brand new website for us, they have even agreed to design our new business cards for us !! Thank you so much guys and please WATCH THIS SPACE !!
Ian Calverts song for dementia  xxxxxxx
Just a few pics of the special night, it was one to certainly remember (Hopefully but got the pics anyway) Didnt take that many pics as we were not there for that but did manage to say thank you to the people i wanted to, hope you like them and please share if you want to, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx